Coca Cola Fortunes

R&D set for project completion on 8 April 2017

R&D Contracting, partnering with Geberit Downpipe and Gutter Systems, was brought on board by Coca Cola Fortunes to assist in the removal of the existing failed roof sheeting, installation of new purlins, painting of existing purlins, installation of Saflok roofing material, as well as the building of a new forklift ramp.

The project deadline date is set for 8 April 2017, before which completion of activities include improvement of flashing installation with additional fasteners to ensure that flashings are not susceptible to intense wind. Side cladding (polycarbonate) is also in need of extensive maintenance since it was incorrectly fixed on the valley. This combined with the roof traffic – which includes pipe maintenance – and the gauge of the material and incorrect fixing has caused widespread failure of sheeting (sheeting also joint in the wrong direction). Existing ridge vents according to a report by Johan Els, has been corroded and damaged which has resulted in water leaks and malfunctioning.

Safety, health and environment (SHE) are very important aspects for R&D Contracting and is also vital in a project of this magnitude, therefore an internal safety audit has been conducted by Health and Safety Compliance Manager, Teon de Villiers, to ensure the wellbeing of all employees and corrective action has been taken on issues addressed. No safety incidents have occurred on site.

Rolling of sheeting material by Safintras took place on the site on 5 December 2016 and again on 9 January 2017. Installation of ridge vents in the designated areas, back flashing and closures have also been installed and completed, as well as eight smoke vents that have been decommissioned by Curvent International.