Coca-Cola Canners

R&D’s Coca Cola success is worth shouting from the roof tops

Repair and maintenance of roof gives company a lighter roof, and a lighter plant

The Coca-Cola Canners of SA plant in Wadeville is one of the largest beverage manufacturing plants in Africa. We were asked to provide a solution for the maintenance and repair of the roofing at the plant which involved challenges on a number of levels. Not only did we need to take into consideration both functionality and aesthetics, but the project needed to be completed without impacting the plant’s busy production schedule.

We implemented a safety netting and mesh system designed to protect workers and machinery from falling debris, while installing M16 Chemical anchors which was doubled up for redundancy and load tested before installing the safety net cables. This plan ensured that the job was completed with minimal impact to the running of the plant.

A key consideration was the redesigning of the old roof system, which needed to be done in such a way to ensure that the technology being implemented could match the existing construction, without compromising structural or functional integrity. Additionally, the new design was expected to improve internal ambience, lighting and worker comfort, while also being a suitable design to fit with the client’s high public profile.

We adopted a sectional approach, installing the safety netting and mesh over one section of the plant at a time, while replacing that particular segment of the roof. We created a custom design and built a hoist unit to transport new and salvaged material from height. Over the past 12 months, we has also installed steel works, PVC wire, Alububble and sheeting, while spacers have been fitted to raise the rafters to accommodate existing steelworks.

There is no doubt of the project’s success, with internal Lumen readings having improved by 500%. Moreover, the new roof has created a sleeker and more modern appearance to the structure, without removal or damage to any supporting members or change in the water flow pattern. Our use of modern materials has also resulted in an almost 25% reduction in weight of the roofing system. Crucially, throughout the project, factory production remained unaffected by any execution of the scope of works. From start to finish, we delivered the highest levels in quality, reliability and service, thereby ensuring project effectiveness and complete client peace of mind.