PMI Leonard Dingler

R&D contracted for asbestos roof removal

Using a first-of-its-kind method, R&D safely removes existing asbestos roof and replaces it with unique pitched-roof

Although, R&D Contracting is known for their expertise in roof installation and sheeting, we were commissioned to safely remove the saw-tooth asbestos roof at the PMI Leonard Dingler tobacco factory in Boksburg. What makes this project unique is that we used a first-of-its-kind method in the region to remove the existing asbestos roof and replace it with a unique pitched-roof structure, discarding of a flaw of these types of roofs, gutters in the plant. The roof structure modification will allow for gutters only on the perimeter of the manufacturing facility. We will also be installing a rain harvesting system once the project is complete for rain water to be filtered and used in the production processes at the factory.

When it comes to the removal of asbestos we ensure that our staff members are medically monitored to ensure that they have not been exposed to any harmful materials. A portable decontamination unit with two separate change rooms and a shower is established on-site and a water and electricity supply is fed to the geyser for hot water and lighting. Bidim traps capture any asbestos fibers during decontamination and are disposed of as indicated by legislation.