Vaal Sanityware

R&D called in for asbestos removal in Meyerton

34 000m2 of asbestos removal done through expertise and innovation

When the time came in mid-November 2016 for an asbestos removal project and installation of new sheeting at Vaal’s facility in Meyerton, the decision was made to bring R&D Contracting on board to do the necessary maintenance and removal.

Our stringent quality standards and strict safety regulations require that the greatest caution is taken before a project starts. Since safety is of the utmost importance, we use a netting system that is installed just under the roof; this serves as a secondary fall protection. The nets that are used are lined with Bidum before being installing under the physical roof to contain most of the dust, and life lines are secured on walkways at all times.

It was discovered while installing new boards and tracks, that 58m of one of the 154m length roofs was covered with foam to seal the roof. This consequently meant that a larger timeframe would have to be allocated in order to remove all the asbestos sheeting.

The complete scope of work for the asbestos removal and new IBR replacement is around 34000 m2. One of the biggest challenges we faced, was moving the asbestos and IBR sheets across the 185m sections of roofs. To overcome this obstacle we used a special track-and-trolley system that we designed and installed onto the roof and this allowed us to move the items over the roofs safely and effectively.